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Drainage Pumps

Hahn Equipment is pleased to offer a full line of drainage and sump pumps from Flygt.


Flygt offers a wide range of electric submersible dewatering pumps. These units are capable of running dry for prolonged periods of time because they incorporate a state-of-the-art air filled motor. Flygt also offers explosion proof motors (MSHA), hardened impellers and warm liquid units as options on several of its pump offerings.


Slurry Pumps

Hahn Equipment is pleased to offer a full line of heavy duty submersible slurry pumps from Flygt.

Flygt 5100/5150 pumps are available with a wide range of motor power ratings. Motors and wet ends are combined to give the optimum solution for your specific duty. The result is trouble-free pumping of high-density slurry and a more cost-effective pumping solution.

Slurry pump with side mounted mixer to handle high viscosity slurry at a mud recycle plant in Norway.

Slurry pumps


Compared to dry-mounted mixers, submersible solutions offer greater flexibility and considerable savings in energy consumption for a wide range of mixing applications, such as solids suspension, bottom erosion, blending, circulation or destratification.

How does mixing work?

All mixing applications require varying degrees of both small-scale turbulence and bulk flow. In a good bulk flow, the contents of the entire tank are put in motion so that all parts are involved in the mixing. Most mixing applications generate abundant turbulence and it is the strength of the bulk flow that controls the efficiency of the mixing.

Submersible mixers mean more efficient bulk flow

Submersible mixers allow a great deal of flexibility in installation, unlike their dry-mounted counterparts. The mixer jet can be positioned to develop over a long distance and adapted to the shape of the tank. This ensures the creation of a maximum level of bulk flow.


The result: more efficient mixing and lower power consumption.

Control Systems

Hahn Equipment is a leading supplier of control systems and electrical components. Systems range from simplex relay logic panels to large integrated motor control centers.




Hahn Equipment boasts one of the largest submersible rental fleets in the state of Texas. Pumps with flows up to 5,500 GPM in stock locally. 15,000 GPM rental pumps available upon request through Flygt.

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Hahn Equipment offers in house and field service by factory trained and authorized technicians. Our service is backed by an extensive inventory of spare parts and new pumps. Factory trained personnel assure that all repairs are made to current factory specifications.


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