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Municipal & Industrial

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Lift Stations

Submersible lift stations are most commonly associated with use in municipal markets for handling sewage. Lift stations are also widely used in a variety of process industries for handling slurries, wastewater effluent, and other process water. Hahn Equipment offers a variety of products that can be specified to meet the most demanding application. Hahn Equipment has supplied lift stations with capacities ranging from 30 GPM to 320,000 GPM. Hahn Equipment also has a large rental inventory of lift station pumps available. Make sure to ask your sales representative about our One-Day Rental!



Hahn Equipment offers a variety of solutions for stormwater and flood control applications. Submersible mixed flow and axial flow pumps provide reliable and efficient pumping for ultimate high flow conditions. Single pump capacities up to 100,000 GPM. We also provide screens and GSRD’s (gross solids removal device) from Roscoe Moss.



Booster Stations

Hahn Equipment offers a full line of centrifugal pumps as well as controls and telemetry for water distribution applications.
Booster Stations
Booster Stations 2


Compared to dry-mounted mixers, submersible solutions offer greater flexibility and considerable savings in energy consumption for a wide range of mixing applications, such as solids suspension, bottom erosion, blending, circulation or destratification.

How does mixing work?

All mixing applications require varying degrees of both small-scale turbulence and bulk flow. In a good bulk flow, the contents of the entire tank are put in motion so that all parts are involved in the mixing. Most mixing applications generate abundant turbulence and it is the strength of the bulk flow that controls the efficiency of the mixing.

Submersible mixers mean more efficient bulk flow

Submersible mixers allow a great deal of flexibility in installation, unlike their dry-mounted counterparts. The mixer jet can be positioned to develop over a long distance and adapted to the shape of the tank. This ensures the creation of a maximum level of bulk flow.

The result: more efficient mixing and lower power consumption.



Flygt provides several different aeration products, ranging from self contained FloGet units to air-mixers.


The FloGet aeration unit, has been specifically designed for use in small to medium sized tanks and basins. It is robust, user friendly, easy to install, operate and maintain, with no need for any compressors. The self contained unit can handle a series of tanks including BOD/COD reduction, mixing, homogenization, odor control and oxidization.

4600 Air-Mixer

The compact design of the Flygt Air-Mixer makes it easy to service and maintain. It is normally guide-bar mounted, and can simply be pulled up for inspection or maintenance. Installed completely submerged, it operates quietly without splashing. Operating at low speeds, it provides superior mixing and will not scour the bottom of lagoons. The aerator, which can be supplied from normal plant air sources, may be operated with air “on” or “off” or varied, in order to achieve optimum dissolved oxygen levels as process requirements change. The air-mixer is an excellent choice to supplement oxygen in existing aeration systems.

flogetpicv2 airmixerv2

Grinder Packages

Grinder packages are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial markets in low pressure sewer systems. Hahn Equipment offers customized fiberglass basins, and controls that can be tailored to fit almost any application. Hahn Equipment supplies industrial grade grinder pumps as well as LPSS for developers and large residential projects. Grinder packages provide peace of mind through assured quality control.



Drainage & Sump Pumps

Hahn Equipment is pleased to offer a full line of drainage and sump pumps from Flygt and Goulds.


Flygt offers a wide range of electric submersible drainage pumps. With horsepower ranging from fractional to over 100 Hp there is a Flygt product for almost every application. These units are capable of running dry for prolonged periods of time because they incorporate a state-of-the-art air filled motor. Flygt also offers explosion proof motors (MSHA), hardened impellers and warm liquid units as options on several of its pump offerings.


Goulds provides a complete line of effluent and sump pumps with good hydraulic coverage.




Flygt is proud to introduce the most comprehensive information portal ever developed for pumping sludge. Our “sludge portal” provides system design recommendations, friction loss calculators, pump selection programs, specifications, curves, manuals, parts lists, and testimonials.

Please visit the Sludge Portal for all the tools necessary to build the most energy efficient, reliable, and maintenance free sludge transport system in the world, ask Flygt!

Odor Control

Odors produced in sumps and pipes during the transport of wastewater at municipal and industrial sites can cause real problems for those living and working nearby. Now a cost effective solution is available with the X-2000 Odor Reduction System manufactured for Flygt Corporation by TriMed, a leader in the field of air purification products.

The compact system is self-contained making it ideal for installation in new and many older pumping stations. The unit contains a powerful blower and ozone generation module which efficiently process problem air, delivering it to a contact chamber where foul gases are reduced to CO2, water and salts. Typical applications include pump stations, sewer/manhole vents, wastewater treatment plants, grit chambers and sewage receiving stations.


Control Systems

Hahn Equipment is a leading supplier of control systems and control components. Systems range from simplex relay logic panels to large integrated motor control centers. SCADA systems provide the ability to remotely manage equipment. One of the many advantages of SCADA is its ability to reduce labor costs associated with monitoring and troubleshooting. Complete control systems can be provided for single source accountability.



Hahn Equipment offers the following accessories:

  • Sump pumps
  • Access Covers
  • Fiberglass Basins
  • Phone Dialers
  • Level Controls Including
  • Floats
  • Transducers
  • Probes
  • Mix Flush Valves
  • Hoists
  • Hose
  • Fall Through Protection
  • Ball Check Valves
  • Motors

Most products available for retrofit.


Hahn Equipment boasts one of the largest submersible rental fleets in the state of Texas. Pumps with flows up to 5,500 GPM in stock locally.

Hahn can also configure controls to meets your needs. From simple float panels to panels with cell phone dialers.

15,000 GPM rental pumps available upon request.




Hahn Equipment provides 24 hour service. Our service is backed by an extensive inventory of spare parts and new pumps. Hahn Equipment offers maintenance contracts that can extend the life of equipment and protect the cost of initial investment. Factory trained personnel assure that all repairs are made to current factory specifications. Estimates provided at no charge.

Ask about our One-Day-Rental!


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